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WEDDED TO MURDER is an immersive theatre murder mystery - a Jewish comedy set in Victorian London - that was created for a private event. The whodunnit starts with a film - set 23 hours earlier - where renowned detective Esther Sherlockstein is visited by a determined matchmaker. At the film’s close, the characters arrive at the fictional Purim Masquerade where our cupid is mysteriously murdered. Miss Sherlockstein must crack the case, investigating four of the matchmaker's clients - four ‘Nice Jewish Boys’ who all mysteriously had been trying to arrange a rendez-vous with our heroine. Link to film available upon request. 

Rosie Yadid - Esther Sherlockstein 
Sarah Wiggins - Mrs Bergman
Sammy French - Ari Watson
Tim O’Hara - Shlomo Poisonowich 
Elliot Hughes - Maximilian Chokerman
Jack Medlin - Leon de Bomberg
Will Batty - Dr Elias Fraudstitz
Simone Lahbib - Mrs de Bomberg
Nick Day -  Rabbi Isaacs
Tanya Truman - Mrs Hudstitz
Sophie Bryant - Fiona Spauling
Coral Bevan - Virginia Appleton

Writer, Director & Producer - Jessica Benhamou
Production Manager - Aynoa Alvarez-Wautiez 
Dramaturg - Bells Prendergast
Cinematographer - Samira Oberberg
Production Designer - Ana Baltova
Costume Designer - Liz Evans
Make Up (film) - Helen Roche
Wigs (film) - Sharon Pearson 
Make Up & Wigs (theatre) - Eleanor Hart 
Make Up (theatre) - Erica Procopis and Hanni Wellian
Sound Recordist - Rufus Ambler
Editor - Kyle Waters
Sound Designer - Fred Pearson
Grader - Philipp Morozov
Gaffer - Joe Morgan Hunt
Focus Puller - Colleen Lee
2nd AC - Anastassia Radtsenko
Prop Hands - Ella Margolin & Lachlan MacDonald
Art Assistant - Hania Miri
2nd AD - Paopao G. Camarero 
Casting Assistant: Phoebe Rowell John
Casting Assistant auditions: Manikka Marchant 
Production Runner - Zebbie Alexander

Lights and Sound - Extreme Production
Music - Totem Global

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