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Berthe Bénichou-Aboulker's play, THE KAHENA:BERBER QUEEN, is the first play published by a woman in Algeria. It tells the story of the Berber warrior queen, Kahena, nicknamed the Jewish Joan of Arc. Jessica dug out one of the few remaining manuscripts and translated/directed an extract at the Bush Theatre as part of Global Jewish Voices. The event was supported by Asylum Arts and Arts Council England. She has since translated the full play for an anthology book of Jewish plays to be released by Methuen Drama, part of Bloomsbury Publishing. 

Translator/Director: Jessica Benhamou
Cast: Lyna Dubarry, Ruggero Barlaba, Ali Azhar and Liraz Chamami

Curator: Victor Esses
Global Voices Theatre: Robin Skyer, Lora Krasteva and Zhui Ning Chang 

You can watch the full event below, or jump to our play starting at 42.00.

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