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Even family can seem like perfect strangers in this near-future, drama short. FAMILY TREE was selected for Film London's Writers' Room and has been supported by Goldcrest, Molinare, Pixiepixel and Optical Support. 

Writer/Director: Jessica Benhamou

Producer: Victoria Thorson

Cast: Simone Lahbib and Natacha Bassett 

DoP: Laura Dinnett

Editor: Kyle Waters 

Composer: Andrea Boccadoro 

Colourist: Maria Chamberlain

Sound Recordist: Eleanor K. Russell

Production Designer: Roisin Abbott

Costume Designer: Aoife Ferguson

Make Up Designer: Eleanor Hart 


FAMILY TREE premiered at Manchester International Film Festival in March 2020 and has screened, so far, at several festivals in the UK and beyond, such as Oxford International Film Festival, Cardiff International Film Festival and Melrose Film Festival.

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