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EVIE is a sci-fi short sponsored by Directors UK and ARRI through the Alexa Challenge scheme, and by the Genera Film Fund. This film imagines a universe where teenage boys, under pressure to lose their virginity, may turn to sex robots. 

EVIE premiered at Encounters Film Festival in 2018 and screened at a number of BAFTA and Academy Award qualifying festivals, such as Cambridge Film Festival, St. Louis International Film Festival and Rhode Island Film Festival, where it won 'Best Sci Fi Short'. It also picked up an Award of Commendation from Canada Shorts Film Festival. 

Writer/Director: Miranda Howard Williams

Producer: Jessica Benhamou

Cast: Harry Gilby, Jack Loxton & Caitlan Barrett-Ward 

Executive Producers: Jacob Lorek & Marcie MacLellan 

DoP: Catherine Goldschmidt 

Editor: Sally Mumby Croft 

Music: Tara Forth 

Production Design: Kate Stamp

Costume Designer: Giulia Scrimieri

Make Up Designer: Kelsey-Leigh Walker 

Sound Recordist: Eleanor K. Russell

Production Companies: JSB Films in association with Wonda Media & Frank & Lively 

We set out to support and develop women in film with all-female HODs and +85% female crew. 

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